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About ASP User Account

Why a User Account?

Your privacy is paramount. To protect it optimally, you need to create an ASP User account (one time only).

From your user account you have access the ASP Questionnaire Form. Completing the online multiple-choice questionnaire instantly creates your ASP Sleep Profile Report and auto-saves it on your account.

You may create an unlimited number of personal sleep profiles on your account over time. This allows you to track and confirm your sleep improvements.

How do I Create a User Account ?

You may not need to create a user account. The ASP Sleep Profile serves professional mentors such as coaches, trainers, clinicians, or therapists who create user accounts for their clients. Make sure you haven't received your ASP login keys from any mentor already before creating an independent user account.

Sleep like a Baby

Create User Account

To create an independent ASP user account you need to sign up and provide some personal information.

We'll create your account and send your login keys within 24hrs by e-mail to the address you provide.

Create your independent ASP User Account  

Can I use my account for other people ?

No, you cannot. The ASP User Account is strictly personal.

The sleep profile draws crucial personal data from your account such as your gender, birthdate, etc. You cannot alter this information once you have created your account.

Profiling anybody else on your account would lead to an inaccurate sleep profile for that person.

Opening an ASP user account is free. Instead, invite others to open their own personal account to create their accurate sleep profile.

What is an ASP Mentor ?

An ASP Mentor is a professional you trust such as a coach, teacher, trainer, clinician or therapist.

Mindful, holistic and systemic professionals are discovering the fundamental importance of sufficient quality sleep for your healing, well-being and performance and may invite you to profile your sleep.

Your ASP mentor has full access to your ASP user account and profile reports. He or she takes full responsibility to protect your privacy.

You always know who your ASP mentor is. The mentor name appears on your user account pages and on your profile reports.

If for any reason you no longer wish to allow your mentor access to your account, you may ask ASP Helpdesk to mutate you as an independent user.

As an independent ASP user your mentor is "AmonRay" with the remark "independent". AmonRay grants your full privacy protection.

See also ASP Terms of Use

How much does it cost ?

Your ASP User Account is free.

The fee for each completed and valid ASP Profile is $37 USD plus 5% tax

The ASP profile fee is due online by credit card or PayPal at completion of the ASP questionnaire.

Note: There is no charge for any incomplete or invalid ASP profile report.

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