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Short Description

The ASP Mentor Account is an administrative account designed for professionals responsible for the well-being and performance of trainees, employees, clients, patients, etc. under their supervision. 

The ASP Mentor Account allows creation and supervision of several (unlimited) connected ASP User Accounts (clients) and gives access to their ASP Profile Reports. The account and its features is accessible online 7/7 from anywhere via web browser.

An ASP Mentor Account is activated by a monthly recurring subscription of $37 USD. The subscription includes a detailed one-on-one online introduction to the ASP platform and its many mentor features. An active subscription also includes ongoing one-on-one mentor support.

The ASP Mentor Account is highly optimized and provides a set of Mentor Tools that explain, support, and minimize administrative efforts.

ASP Mentors have access to an expanded professional version of client's ASP Sleep Profiles that includes a PSQI comparison, online interpretation guide, and client's rated answers (invisible to clients). Active mentors benefit from free online one-on-one assistance with interpretation of ASP Profile Reports.

ASP Questionnaire access is only possible from an ASP User Account. The ASP Mentor Account gives no access to the questionnaire form. Mentors cannot create ASP Sleep Profiles but may anytime create a (free) connected ASP User Account in their own name to profile their sleep.

Mentor Account Features

Your ASP Mentor Account includes the following features:

  •     Online access from anywhere via web browser 24/7
  •     Unlimited client accounts
  •     Clients create their profiles remotely online 24/7 via web browser
  •     Unlimited number of ASP Sleep Profiles per client
  •     Client's individual ASP Report List with summary; allows quick progress tracking
  •     Extended profile reports (6 pages); PSQI comparison and client's rated answers
  •     Free one-on-one introduction to the ASP online platform
  •     Ongoing free one-on-one online support and Helpdesk
  •     On order: Extended printable profile report PDF (6 pages) by email within 24 hrs
  •     PDF profile report formats: US letter (default) and din A4 (on request)
  •     Online interpretation guide, Helpdesk, free one-on-one interpretation support

Additional Benefits:

As an ASP Mentor, your clients have Priority with AmonRay's unique Proficient Sleep Coaching for adolescents and adults. In cooperation with you, we tailor our sleep coaching to your specific goals regarding your client.

For more information check   Sleep Coaching

Bad Sleep ?

Learn to sleep your way to success.

Sleep Coaching

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Subscribe as ASP Mentor

It takes approximately 3 minutes of your time online right here for the two-step process to benefit from an ASP Mentor Account.

  •   Sign-up to create your mentor account
  •   Activate account – recurring monthly subscription $37 USD (subject to change)

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You will receive your Mentor Login Keys by email within 24hrs after your subscription. Please whitelist our email address (your spam filter):

You may unsubscribe anytime to the end of an active subscription period latest 24hrs prior to its expiration. To this purpose, the ASP Mentor Account provides a button "Unsubscribe". You may unsubscribe also directly on this website: Check tab "Use the ASP" on top.

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Client Account


The ASP Client (User) Account is the core unit of the ASP platform. It provides access to the ASP Questionnaire form to create an ASP Sleep Profile. The Client (User) Account provides sleep relevant personal data and hosts client's profile reports.

An ASP Client Account can be created in two ways:

  •     By an ASP Mentor (the norm - called Client Account)
  •     By an ASP User independently (exception)

Created either way, ASP Client (User) Accounts are technically identical

If created by mentors on their account, the Client Account is automatically connected to the creating Mentor's Account. On mutual agreement and request, Helpdesk can connect an independent user to a mantor.

For detailed information check  User Account

Connected ASP Client Accounts

Mentors can create an unlimited number of connected User Accounts on behalf of their clients. Creating a connected account requires one-time maximum 5 administrative minutes per client.  

An ASP Client Account can only be connected to one exclusive ASP Mentor at a time. In turn, the ASP system allows a mentors only access to those client accounts and their ASP Sleep Profiles that are connected to their account.

For reasons of security and data-protection, mentors and clients cannot disconnect themselves from each other - neither intentionally nor incidentally. Both, clients and mentors, also cannot delete any account or sleep profile report.

Client accounts can anytime be transferred from one mentor to another by the ASP Helpdesk on mutual agreement. Clients can request to be disconnected from their mentor and become independent users.

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Create Connected Client Accounts

Creating a client account is a simple one-time online effort of maximum 5 minutes on your ASP Mentor Account. It is self-explanatory and automated. Have your client's personal core data ready and fill a short, tailored online form. The account is instantly ready.

In case you need help, you find a detailed step-by-step guide in your Mentor Toolbox.

The ASP system also provides an invitation email template containing the correct data and login keys for each client as well as instructions to create their ASP Sleep Profile remotely.

You are virtually just 5 administrative minutes (and your client's cooperation) away from benefitting a maximum from the rich and uniquely useful information provided by your client's ASP Sleep Profile Report.

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Have Your Clients Create Sleep Profile Reports

Once you have created a connected user account for your client, the client needs to use it by answering the ASP Questionnaire remotely online.

The ASP platform provides maximimum assistance to reach this goal quickly and easily. 

An invitation button on your client's account opens an invitation template. The template contains a complete email text in your name, client's name, client's correct login keys and instructions to watch a short How-to video and answer the ASP Questionnaire (requires about 20min of client's time to complete).

The template text is complete and ready to send.
Check it and amend or alter it at your discretion. 

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