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General Intent

As creator of the ASP AmonRay Sleep Profile I have strictly humanitarian intentions. The research over decades and development of the ASP was privatly funded. The existence of the ASP depends on non-profit income (e.g. profile fees) and your generous donation. 

We keep it that way intentionally in order to remain completely health-industry independent and free of specific economic interests and power games. 

The ASP serves you as a human being. I care for your quality of life.

The ASP is a unique scientific contribution to humanity with the goal of increasing individual mental and physical health, self-awareness, self-responsibility and social competence. 

I wish the ASP may contribute its share to changing society's course towards a sustainable humanity.

I invite you to make intensive use of the ASP. Spread word and invit those you feel close to. They, too, deserve to sleep well. Thank you for improving your sleep. Your thriving alone already makes the entire world a better place!

Martin H. Gremlich  MSc.Nat. ATP
Human Biologist, ASP Author

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Proprietary and Copy Right

The entire ASP platform including the databank, all information it contains, its algorithms, user and mentor accounts, all designs, profile data, the information and reports it provides in any form, its allocated websites (in total hereafter: ASP platform) remains at all times the sole property of Martin H. Gremlich, AmonRay, Surrey BC, Canada. 

Any commercial use of the ASP other than described in - and limited by - the Mentor Terms of Use below is prohibited except with prior explicit written consent of the proprietor. 

By opening any type of account within the ASP platform you agree to compensate AmonRay - in case of violation of this condition - for the full amount of your benefits from the ASP and to pay AmonRay a violation fine of US$ 25'000 or more, depending on the severity of your violation. In addition, you will be denied any future access to the ASP platform. 

You may copy content of the ASP platform (including allocated websites) physically, photographically or electronically at your discretion under the condition that you do not alter any figure, text, graph or image and always mention the originator. Any other use of any content of the ASP platform requires prior written consent by the proprietor.

@ Copyright for the entire content of the ASP platform by Martin H. Gremlich, AmonRay, Surrey BC Canada.

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Privacy and Confidentiality

Your privacy is paramount. The design of the ASP database grants that all data stored within the database are safe.

All information trusted to AmonRay as an ASP User or an ASP Mentor is strictly confidential. AmonRay will never share such information with any third party unless explicitly requested by yourself or forced by any entitled legal authority. 

I, Martin H. Gremlich (AmonRay) grant that I never share any personal information stored in the ASP platform (including your identity or contact details) with any third party unless forced legally to do so or upon your explicit request. I honour your trust and treat your information with utmost confidentiality at all times.

By signing up as user you agree that I may use for statistical and research purposes the following anonymous personal information that does not allow your identification: 

Exclusively your Gender, Age, City, Country, and your sleep profile values.


I make every effort to grant data security at components that are under my control. The ASP is an online platform. AmonRay can only protect data once they arrive the ASP database and only to the moment they leave it. All information transmitted over the internet is generally public. By opening an ASP account, you confirm being aware of this fact and free me from any liability regarding data abused by others on your end and/or while in transit over the internet.

    Connected to a mentor account:

Your user account may be connected to a supervising mentor account. This is the case, if your therapist, counsellor, coach, trainer, employer etc. has opened your ASP account on your behalf. If your user account is connected to a mentor account, your mentor has access to your information. I have no control over the security of your data on your ASP Mentor's end. By using the ASP platform you free me of any respective liability. 

Your account can only be connected to one single mentor at a time. If your account is connected, your mentor's name is automatically displayed on both, your account page and your ASP profile reports (top left). If your mentor name is "Martin H. Gremlich", you are an independent user under the supervision of AmonRay.


We find spam utterly annoying. We have much more pleasant things to do than producing any. AmonRay respects your privacy and will never bother you with any spam or commercial content, neither by phone nor by email. 

W kindly ask you to respect us the same; please do not abuse our phone numbers or email addresses.

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The scientific background of the ASP is unique. It is the natural science called Human Biology. Human Biology - in contrast to health sciences - does not focus on any symptoms. It combines scientific information from physics, chemistry, biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, zoology, climatology, electromagnetics, environmental science, comparative behavioral science, sociology etc. to determine an ideal state of being, in case of the ASP an ideal sleep performance.

The ASP applies mathematical algorithms on known biological values in order to determine your deviation from an ideal sleep performance and to establish a related stress profile. The ASP provides you with by far the most reliable, useful and practical sleep information available today. The ASP is a pioneering tool that quantifies (gives practical values to) your eventual daily sleep deprivation and its contributing factors.

Depending on a user's answers to the ASP questionnaire, the ASP provides a pioneering educated expert opinion that considers the data available; is does not claim to provide "the truth". 

Whatever conclusion you come to and whatever action you may choose to take as an ASP user or mentor in response to any information provided by an ASP report is always, entirely, and exclusively your own responsibility

By visiting and using the ASP platform or any part of it or any information it provides in any form, whether as user or as mentor, you always do so exclusively at your own risk, you explicitly free Martin H. Gremlich and AmonRay (responsible proprietor) and all their subcontractors (e.g. website hosts etc.) of any liability whatsoever at all times.

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ASP User Terms

By using your personal ASP User Account you unconditionally accept the ASP User Terms and all its conditions in full.

Your ASP User Account is free. Each ASP Profile Report is paid, the one-time fee is $37 USD pre profile report (subject to change).

Your ASP User Account is normally created by, under supervision of, and provided by an ASP Mentor (usually your coach or therapist). The name of your ASP Mentor appears under the title bar of your ASP user account top-left.

You may apply for an independent ASP User account under direct supervision of AmonRay Life Skills. To apply for your independent ASP User Account please


To access your personal user account online and view your sleep profile reports anytime visit and log-in with your assigned personal ASP login keys.

For full functionality of your ASP User Account please setup your web-browser to allow pop-ups from (databank host).

On your ASP User Account you may create an unlimited number of paid personal ASP Sleep Profiles.

The fee per single valid ASP Sleep Profile is $37 USD (subject to change). The fee is instantly due upon creation of your profile. You will be directed to our online payment gate. Please pay online by credit card or PayPal. The transaction is securely handled by PayPal. 

By clicking the button "Create Report" after completion of the online multiple-choice ASP Questionnaire you commit to your instant online payment.

The ASP User Account is strictly personal. Please do not share your login keys. Accuracy of an ASP Sleep Profile depends on personal data such as gender, birthdate, age, location etc. Hence, anybody else's sleep profile created on your account is based on your data and is inaccurate for anybody else.

Please respect Our Proprietary and Copy Rights above. Else, you may make free use of your own ASP Sleep Profile Reports at your discretion and in your responsibility (see Disclaimer above).

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ASP Mentor Terms

By creating an ASP Mentor Account you unconditionally accept the ASP Terms of Use and all its conditions in full. 

The ASP Mentor Account is strictly a Single-mentor account. Sharing your mentor account login keys with others may create privacy and data protection issues and violates the Mentor Terms of Use unless you do so with explicit written consent of the proprietors.

AmonRay designs tailored Multi-mentor accounts e.g. for clinics, enterprises, schools, research teams etc. Multi-mentor accounts are subject to special conditions. Please contact AmonRay if you wish to open an ASP Multi-Mentor account.

contact AmonRay

Everybody may open an ASP Mentor Account and create an unlimited number of connected client (ASP User). Connected client accounts are identical to independent User Accounts and are free. 

The ASP Mentor account is designed as a supervising account and does not give access to the online questionnaire, hence, creation of an ASP Sleep Profiles is not possible from a Mentor Account. If ASP Mentors wish to create their own ASP Sleep Profiles, they may open a free connected ASP User (client) account in their name. 

    Privacy and Confidentiality - Mentor Responsibility

As an ASP Mentor you have full access to personal information about your clients and their ASP Sleep Profile reports. This information is strictly confidential at all times. You may not share any information about your connected ASP Users (clients) with any thirds party except on a client's explicit request or forced to do so by an authorized legal order.

The ASP platform can only protect data and information that is stored within the database and the server section that hosts it. 

Data in transit over the Internet between the database and your office and/or a client's terminal are generally public and may be accessed by malevolent hackers. You confirm being aware of this fact. 

The protection at your end and the privacy of client's data and ASP Sleep Profiles under your control is your own, exclusive, and full responsibility. You keep your ASP Mentor login keys safe, run reasonable protection against phishing and spy malware and do not allow anybody else online access to ASP databank. 

You free Martin H. Gremlich, AmonRay of any liability at all times (see Disclaimer above).

    Monthly Mentor Subscription:

An ASP Mentor Account is subject to a monthly prepaid subscription of $37 USD (subject to change) that is non-refundable once the subscription period has started. A subscription is paid online recurring and unterminated until cancelled by creadit card or PayPal to the beneficiary AmonRay (handling agent of the ASP).

A Subscription activates the ASP Mentor Account and its features and allows unlimited full access to and use of its feature during the active subscription period. Failure to pay results in instant deactivation of the Mentor Account and loss of access.

    Unsubscribe Mentorship

An ASP Mentor subscription may be cancelled any time to the end of the current period but no later than 24hrs prior to its expiration. Cancelling your subsrciption will disactivate your account at expiration date of the current subscription period.

To unsubscribe, please click button "Unsubscribe" on your mentor account or on the website click tab "Use the ASP" and select "Unsubscribe Mentor" to send us your notice.

    Refund Policy

Please understand that we can only accept cancellation of a subscription to the end of a subscribtion period. We do not refund partially pro rata temporis.

If you fail to unsubscribe latest 24hrs. prior to expiration of an actual subscription period, you non-disputably accept charges for the consecutive period, at the expiration of which we will disactivate your account. Meanwhile, your Mentor Account remains active and your access to all its features remains granted.

    Billing Clients for ASP Profiles

The one-time fee for a valid ASP Sleep Profile is principally client's charge. Incomplete or invalid profiles are not charged and will be deleted by ASP Helpdesk.

The fee for each completed ASP Sleep Profile is $37 USD (subject to change). The fee is  instantly due upon creation of the report when clicking button "Create Report" at bottom of the online Questionnaire Form.

Clients are instructed to prepare for this payment by mentor's ASP Invitation E-mail with their Client Account login keys (see template - button "Invite Client" on mentor's client account).

The ASP platform automatically redirects clients to the online payment gate when clicking the button "Create Report". Clients are expected to pay the fee instantly online to AmonRay (on behalf of the Institute for Human Biology) by credit card or PayPal. 

If clients fail to pay instantly or encounter technical issues, there are alternative options - button "Pay ASP Profile" on client's account and on the website, tab "Use the ASP" button "Pay ASP Profile".

The Institute for Human Biology existentially depends on timely payments. By subscribing to an ASP Mentor Account, mentors grant the fee within 21 days to AmonRay on behalf of their clients.

If a client fails to pay for 7 days after creation of the profile, AmonRay will send a one-time PayPal reminder invoice to the client and simultaneously ask the mentor by email to remind the client to pay the fee online. 

If the client does not pay the fee within the consecutive 7 days (after 14 days total), the mentor agrees to pay the fee within 7 days online (credit card or PayPal) on request by AmonRay (e.g. PayPal invoice to mentor). In turn, mentors may bill their client for refund and add late payment or inconvenience charges at their discretion.


The ASP platform including your mentor account, all connected client accounts, all ASP Sleep Profiles, and all information they contain remain exclusive property of Martin H. Gremlich, Institute for Human Biology (see Proprietary and Copy Right above).

In case of violation of the ASP Mentor Terms you will instantly be denied access to the ASP platform. You further unconditionally agree to compensate AmonRay fully for any material and immaterial damage plus eventual late payment interest. 

In case of Copy Right violation or other immaterial damage, you agree to compensate AmonRay with a violation penalty of c$ 25'000.

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