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The Functional Scientific Approach to Sleep



The idea to create the ASP was born in my AmonRay Life Skills office where I assist clients improving their quality of life. Among other methodologies I also employ qEEG functional brain assessment and neurofeedback brain entrainment. 

I regularly had to spend hours interviewing each client and processing my notes to get a somewhat useful overview over their actual life situation and general state of being before I could start providing efficient service - time that neither I myself nor my clients could afford.

The option was either to go ahead without any satisfying client intake and be less efficient to de disadvantage of my clients or to do something about it.

I have high ethical standards and feel that I am cheating my clients if I do not give my best. I searched for a practical, time-saving, global client intake tool that would allow a more empathic approach to my clients and could go beyond restrictive limitations of existing diagnostic indexes. I did not find such a tool. 

I decided to create such a tool - the ASP AmonRay Sleep Profile.

Sleep is a non-conscious activity. Sleep deprivation does not occur naturally and cannot be perceived. Sleep deprivation remains undetected because it does not create specific symptoms.

Undetected sleep deprivation is one of the most devastating persistent core contributors to most common mental and physical chronic conditions such as anxiety, depression and the number-one killer in North America: Cardiovascular disease.

Sufficient quality sleep and accurate diet (nutrition) are two equally important biological twin conditions for health, emotional balance, social competence, and general performance. Each twin condition depends on the other to be ultimately beneficial. 

There are many excellent nutritional experts out there. However, medicine and psychiatry are at a complete loss with the usual symptom based approach to sleep. They declare sleep officially as "still being a scientific mystery".

From the point of view of human functional biology there is absolutely nothing scientifically mysterious about sleep. I felt I could contribute much needed expert information and decided to focus on sleep and sleep deprivation. I decided to dedicate two intensive years of my life to create the ASP Sleep Profile and passionately continue to improve it. 

Thank you !

I am infinitely grateful for the many caring friends that keep donating funds that make it physically possible for me to focus my efforts. Without their considerable contributions the ASP could not exist today!

Even though the title of the ASP is "Sleep", it profiles much more than just sleep; it considers sleep in its environmental context and additionally assesses its greatest awake opponent - stress. 

With the ASP I have certainly gone beyond my initial goal just to create a practical systemic client intake tool that requires about 5 minutes of my own time per client and only 20 minutes of time (remotely) to return an instant detailed and standardized overview of their life situation and state of being.

The potential of using the ASP is immense and certainly exceeds conventional healing arts. I am eager to make the ASP available to you  to the benefit of your clients.

The ASP Sleep Profile is particularly helpful for anybody - clients and professionals alike - with a heart felt, self-responsible, ethical, holistic, systemic and mindful interest in the quality of their own life and that of others.


The ASP Sleep Profile must not be mistaken for - or abused as - a medical or psychiatric diagnose. The ASP cannot serve you to fix a "dysfunction". However, it may very well serve you to get at causes of "dysfunctions", no matter what.

The ASP is a biological performance profile that serves to improve efficiency of an absolutely vital activity, a mandatory condition for any mental and physical healing, a fundamental life skill - Sleep.

Martin H. Gremlich  MSc.Nat. ATP
Human Biologist, ASP Author

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What is the ASP ?

The ASP is an online platform providing a unique biological stress and sleep performance profiling tool named ASP - AmonRay Sleep Profile. 

Profile data are collected by means of an online multiple-choice questionnaire.

The ASP Questionnaire is not public; it is copyright property of the Institute for Human Biology (see Terms of Use, Proprietary and Copy Right). To provide optimum privacy, users need to create a password protected ASP User Account to access the ASP Questionnaire Form.

ASP profiling considers individual information such as age, gender, location etc. that determine a profilee's ideal biological sleep requirements. Profilee's answers to the Questionnaire are processed and compared to the biological ideal by means of proprietary algorithms created by Martin H. Gremlich for the Institute for Human Biology. 

The profile result is presented in form of the ASP Sleep Profile report. The report is instantly available online the moment a profilee has completed the questionnaire.

The ASP Sleep Profile report returns detailed, processed, and quantified information and graphs on three pages. The report contains profiling of sleep timing, sleep cycle, circadian performance, global stress load, detailed quantified stress penalties, quantified environmental and behavioral causes for sleep efficiency reduction, and the resulting quantified minimum biological sleep deprivation (average hrs. and min. daily). 

The ASP platform allows creation of a ASP Mentor Account.
A Mentor Account is a professional account on monthly subscription. Mentors benefit from ongoing free one-on-one support and may create an unlimited number of connected Client (User) Accounts. 

The mentor account allows professionals to use the ASP to supervise a group of people under their responsibility. The ASP may serve mentors as a unique powerful global client intake, performance capacity, risk assessment, decision making, education, and symptom-independent progress tracking tool.  

After an initial test run in 2012-13, the ASP now serves researchers, coaches, peak performance institutions, and therapist in Australasia, Europe, and North America. 

The ASP is meant to serve you. We do our best to continuously improve it to your benefit and greatly appreciate your constructive critics and suggestions!

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Purpose of the ASP

The primary purpose of the ASP is to quantify

  •    Sleep Quality
  •    Sleep Efficiency
  •    Biological Sleep Deprivation
  •    Circumstantial Causes and Lifestyle
  •    Provide suggestions for sleep improvement

Personal sleep performance is greatly influenced by affluent unnatural persistent stressors and "psychosocial deregulation". The ASP provides an additional profile of social, environmental, physiological stress, and global stress load that impact life. 

These stressors also significantly influence a person's emotional state and performance capacity when awake.

The ASP is designed to highlight specific areas of lifestyle and behavior that have great potential for sleep improvement and consequential general life quality improvement.

The ASP does not cover nutritional deficits and toxic load. These factors may require additional sleep work to cope with. They may increase actually required minimum quality sleep duration substantially beyond the ASP profile values. 

However, these factors have initially a lesser imminent impact on sleep efficiency and quality. Further, they cannot be quantified by means of a questionnaire; they require specific lab testing.

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The Goal of the ASP

Based on a self-reported average sleep duration and sleep schedule, the ASP provides three unique parameter sets:

  • Quantification of impact of 17 major common biological causes in % Sleep Efficiency Loss.
  • Quantification of minimum persistent Sleep Deprivation (in hrs. and min. per day).
  • Quantification of persistent biological Stress Load. The ASP allows reliable conclusion of resulting emotional and behavioral patterns.

The break-through achieved with the ASP is quantification of sleep deprivation and quantification of severity of impact. 

Quantification allows efficient priority setting and assessment of urgency for corrective actions on whatever level - personal, educational, community planning, social organisation, therapeutic, economic and political.

What has sleep to do with economy and politics? Unsure? Ask us. 

Quantification of sleep performance and deprivation also facilitates realistic expectations regarding recovery and health, emotional balance, behavioral patterns and risks, stress tolerance, social competence and intellectual and physical performance capacity in any field of activity.

The goal of the ASP goes far beyond being a fundamentally helpful practical client intake tool for health professionals. 

The goal of the ASP is to be a first existing pioneering step towards making use of science to the benefit of the entire human community in order to allow urgently needed change of course towards organizing a sustainable humanity. 

The ultimate goal of the ASP is to proactively contribute vital information that allows to organize human community life in a way that makes it biologically possible for human individuals to thrive.

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What Does the ASP Do ?

The ASP quantifies causes of sleep issues by evaluating 17 of the most impacting environmental, social, and behavioral factors, each profiled in detail.

Apart from more obvious factors, the ASP also considers less well-known causes such as circadian effects, sleep quality reduction by electromagnetic pollution, personal sleep hygiene, etc.

The ASP considers five major categories

  •    Circadian Timing
  •    Sleep Hygiene
  •    Social Stress
  •    Sleep Environment
  •    Physiological and Medical Impacts

All 5 categories and 17 sub-categories must be within certain biological limits to allow sufficient and efficient sleep in due time and consequently make healing, recovery, emotional balance, mental and physical well-being, accurate behavior, social integration, stable relationships and an optimum performance biologically possible at all.

The detailed list of quantified causes the ASP Sleep Profile provides allows self-responsible users to set their own priorities for improvements that may not only lead to better sleep but also have significant positive effects on health, mental and emotional balance, relationships and performance.

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Use of the ASP

    Age range and Self-Reporting

The ASP algorithms cover biological sleep performance requirements from age 1 up to the end of adult life. However, in order to reveal reliable data, the ASP relies on perceived (subjective) self-reported answers to the questionnaire. Sufficient self-awareness develops biologically from age 6-7 on (depending on developmental state). Hence, I recommend the ASP to apply from age 6-7 years, no upper limit.

    Children that need assistance with the questionnaire

Self-reporting is a crucial condition of the ASP. I explicitly do not recommend parents being present or assisting their children answering the questionnaire. Parents or caretakers themselves are a significant social influence in young children's life and cannot possibly judge how the child perceives them. It is generally very difficult for children to tell their assisting parents how they feel about their life at home. 

It is one of the explicit benefits of the ASP to early detect latent social stress in a family system or at school, which of course significantly impacts sleep quality and efficiency of the child - often with devastating developmental consequences.

If a child is not yet capable of answering the questions independently online, I recommend assistance by a trusted "neutral" adult (can be a coach or therapist, but not the child's parents, care takers, or teachers).


    The ASP platform is designed for three specific applications

    1.    Individual

The ASP sleep profile provides vital information about what to focus on to improve sleep practically and efficiently. It is a uniquely useful tool if you want to take your mental and physical well-being into your own hands. 

Biological sleep requirements are not taught at school; most health professionals are not in the know. Today, the ASP sleep profile is the only available fundamentally significant sleep improvement tool out there that can truly assist you.

view ASP User Account

   2.    Coaches, Trainers, Therapists, Health Professionals

The ASP sleep profile allows a broad picture of a client's general state of being. It reveals hidden biological performance potential and otherwise obscured obstacles for success of training or treatment. 

The ASP is an ideal tool for professionals to assess a global performance capacity of a client and determine the most promising strategies, procedures and priorities. 

The ASP saves hours of educated client profiling and interview time. It further provides a standard baseline for all clients as-well as reliable (symptom independent) progress tracking.

To facilitate the professional use of the ASP as trainer, coach and therapist, the ASP provides a Mentor Account that allows 24/7 online access to all connected client accounts and their expanded sleep profile reports via web-browser. 

I also provides printable PDF ASP Profile reports (on request, no extra charge) by email as-well-as ongoing one-on-one personal online support (Skype or FaceTime) for ASP Mentors.

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   3.    Research, Education, Public Health Institutions, Corporations

The ASP collects detailed demographic sleep performance data. The data are stored in a central scientific databank and can reveal a great amount of new insights and significant statistical information about public health, lifestyle etc.

Even though the ASP is presently only available in English (a German questionnaire is in preparation), the platform is accessible worldwide. The statistical range is global and may reveal significant regional divergence. 

In addition, the ASP collects information about biological sleep disturbances caused by collective lifestyle, community planning, society organisation etc. In this respect, the ASP is pioneering, unique, and of greatest value to public health. 

The collected biological information may contribute substantially to improve health related educational, communal and political priorities, and to enhance workflow design and team performance of organisations.

Pleas contact us for more information.

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Scientific Concept of the ASP

Any useful quantification requires a well-defined scale. Most common established profiling tools compare to a statistical norm as their scale. 

With respect to sleep performance, affluent lifestyle with its unnoticed but devastating self-domesticating effects is obviously rapidly diverting the majority of us humans from biologically desirable optimum life circumstances with a particularly serious impact on our sleep.

Hence, any statistical norm is an unreliable scale regarding sleep, if a sleep profile is to be of any practical use.

With the ASP we take a unique pioneering approach that is scientifically quite demanding: Our scientific biological concept targets at the ideal sleep performance as defined by anatomy and physiology of the blueprint of a human organism.

ASP algorithms use the biological blueprint of a healthy human body living in a biologically ideal social and physical environment as target scale. This ideal biological sleep performance provides the reference values of the ASP for age depending minimum sleep duration, 100% sleep efficiency and 100% sleep quality. 

As Human Biologists we consider - strictly based on human anatomy and physiology - scientifically confirmed epigenetic, biochemical, neurological, evolutionary, anthropological, ethnological, social, climatic, electromagnetic, environmental, geographical etc. factors to establish a biologically "ideal human sleep scale".  

This strictly logical approach is scientifically very useful but demanding and differs fundamentally from the idea of comparing an individual to a simply observed statistical norm.

Four decades of intensive research in functional and behavioral Human Biology and huge empirical experience in practical application is the scientific foundation of the ASP algorithms that took us three intensive years to develop.

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Why I Am Doing This

I love to assist people

reconnecting to their natural Self
so that they feel healthy, safe and free,
live their purpose joyfully, and achieve their dreams effortlessly.

Martin H. Gremlich  MSc.Nat. ATP
Human Biologist, ASP Author

Martin H. Gremlich  MSc.Nat. ATP  –  Institute for Human Biology   Surrey, BC Canada
contact: (+1) 604 385-3875